21 — 31 OCT


Inspired by science fiction, the sixth Monologfestival explores the power of imaginative speculation – through brand new theater pieces, performances and DJs. Fifty years after Lennon’s/Ono’s Imagine, we celebrate fiction as a political future machine, as a portal towards A Becoming.A Could.A Different. Energy!

Current utopias are startlingly fact-shaped. But humans have a superpower: If we want to, we can imagine any im_possible story. Imagine there’s no heaven or extraterrestrial gas beings, imagine scent-based communication, trans-dimensional tornado deities, imagine a global pandemic, imagine world peace, a fair distribution of all resources, photon torpedoes and Scottie, beam me up – you name it: “Imagine!” is harrowing and enticing. We’re looking forward to exhilarating nonsense and razor-sharp logic under different signs. To tales and images of a world that isn’t bound to what we think we know.

Protect & Survive
This mixed-media performance, inspired by Audre Lorde explores who we are and why and how we could be. We are taken on a journey by a queen, or is she a goddess? A whore? A high priestess? She is all of these and more. She feels our spirits and reveals to us her manifold identities.
Ein Tag im Universum
It’s THE DAY of the year. Inspired by Christina Wolf, a discourse about our barren world emerges from the experience of a single day, our place therein, and about what someday might be possible.
HAZE ‒ Eine Bezeugung in Rauch
The age of combustion will have come to its end. Before its traces disappear, the PARA Emission Evidence Center (EEC) is securing evidence for the coming trial against humanity. (Off-site venue & open air @U-Heidelberger Platz + 10 min walk to meeting point. Info in the long text)
A Beginners Guide to Worldbuilding
You, Need, Go, Search, Find, Take, Return, CHANGE: Through the means of dance, this solo performance takes a look at the methods of world and character building that claim to master the planability of imagination. What happens when they encounter the unpredictable and vulnerable of the moment in a performance?
BET(A) BODIES : Meta-Womb
RESONATE IN THEE — For one night Keiken invites us into the Metaverse where their brand new sensorial technology, the Meta-Womb, will premiere. The multi-media performance will be starring singer and artist Saint Precious who will explore her relationship to it. The audience is invited to watch, listen and to experience the Meta-Womb too.
In the setup of a concert performance, Frauen und Fiktion celebrate the roots of a Future Love. They tear the kitsch out of stereotypical pop choruses and create love-lines beyond a boy-meets-girl-logic and classical romantic couples.
FASHION FICTION ‒ Ein Doppelmonolog
Two daring mental strolls, taking the shape of a fashion performance: In their usual casual manner, Gintersdorfer/​Klaßen exercise subtle irritations in portraying the world, relying on the transformative powers of fashion creations and figures of thought in science fiction.
Splitter of broken realities in meinem Herzen
Bruno Brandes & Team resample everyday observations from digital and analogue spheres in front of digital landscapes in their discourse theater. In a fascinating puzzle, they superimpose truths on another and mine emotions from the splitscreens of simultaneous realities.
Ohne mich geht die Welt nicht unter ‒ Visionen für das Leben jenseits vom Abgrund
Worüber man nicht reden kann, muss man schreien. ((What can not be spoken about, must be screamed about.)) A Video-Performance-Trip that takes you through different times, identities and genres: From Stand-up to hate speech and even apocalyptic ontology.
EAE ‒ Die Reise von Erlangen über Biarritz auf die Insel des Ersten Allgemeinen Erfahrungsraums
In a detective story Thermoboy FK take us to a (yet) impossible communal state of being. We follow a programmer on his journey between real places and virtual spaces, in order to work on a project for humanity that will change everything.
Wie die Zukunft ihre Menschen spielt
Dietmar Darth says: Science Fiction proclaims an attitude toward a Werden, Könnte, Anders. For the start of the festival, the author, journalist and leftist pioneer speaks on the art of the future and the collective principle in world building.
SPACE TRAVEL AGENCY in the Orange Room
DJ Commander Schmackos and DJ Joe Carrera present Early Electronic, Moog and Space Age music on vinyl in custom-made spacesuits
Type 76 – Maschinenmonologe
Felix Kubin presents a series of monologues inspired by his radio play “Die Maschine steht still” (“The Machine stands still”). Text, synthetic sounds and songs unite to form a new version of E.M. Foster’s famous 1909 Sci-Fi classic, narrated from the machine’s perspective.
Schönheit und Schrecken (lass dir alles geschehen)
Cora Rudy van Dongen cruises through the worlds of daily life like Barbarella in her extraterrestrial extravagances. Full of a growing fascination, glow and anger, trapped in the tunnel of a monologue. Will he explode like a star? Or will he be saved by an angel? A spaceship?
The experienced Othercare-Experts from Fantastische Zeiten Inc. will be present during the whole festival. They promise innovative alternatives to thick-skinned everyday pragmatism in the extraordinary spacial compositions of LAST RESORTS.
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