21 — 31 OCT

Live Stream

Selected evenings will be livestreamed for attendance from home:

10/22 – Friday: 8 PM and 9:15 PM
10/23 – Saturday: 8 PM and 9:15 PM
10/28 – Thursday: 8 PM and 9:15 PM
10/29 – Friday: 8 PM and 9:15 PM and 10:15 PM
10/30 – Saturday: 7 PM and 8 PM and 9:15 PM

Therefore, we will be filming these events with two cameras. Show times can vary slightly depending on festival dynamics, in this case we ask for your patience. In-between performances, we’ll be offering some surprises for you at home, or you can simply have a small break.

Live Stream Tickets can be purchased from our partner Reservix. Please make sure to buy the ticket in time for the evening. The ticket is then valid for the entire evening.

You’ll find the URL and access code on your ticket. We will be streaming on TD Berlin’s Vimeo channel at www.td.berlin/streaming

Monologfestival GbR
am TD Berlin,
Klosterstraße 44
21 — 31 OKT
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